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Defn podcast - From Indian curries to Clojure

3rd Sep 2021 | defn podcast | 1.5 hours

In this specially Desi episode of defn podcast, Kartik, and I share our journey into Clojureverse with the hosts. We talk about the role that Ziggurat framework has played at Gojek for Clojure adoption.

defn has turned Desi with 2 Indian Clojurists! Kartik and HariOm join us to talk about Indian food and spiced up our discussion with Clojure and Ziggurat and more!

defn · #76 - The Desi Episode with Kartik Gupta and HariOm Gaur

Event Streaming in Action in Clojure

7th Aug 2021 | Bangalore Clojure Meetup | 1 hour

In this monthly meetup with Bengaluru Clojure Meetup group, I shared how Ziggurat helped with Clojure’s adoption at Gojek. I also talk about basic tenets of event sourcing. Followed by what we can achieve with Ziggurat and build event sourced applications on top of Kafka.

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