about circular nature of things

2 am

Have you ever been confused? I have been. I am dealing with a bunch of confusion right now. One of them is quite philosophical. It is a question.

“Is it an ending or a new beginning?”

What is so confusing about this question? If I think about it, it comes to my mind that something or the other is always on its death march. At the same time, new ideas are popping up in heads of people around the globe all the time.

Is it the month of December that is giving me chills?

When a year ends, another starts. And with that continues an endless quest to make our lives better. To make resolutions. To make year-long promises to ourselves.

Luckily, I don’t need to wait for January 1st to turn on my watch to start doing something. If it is important, why wait for it? Or is it like we try to find things to do that year when a new year arrives at our doorstep. That to me sounds more like reading a newspaper, which is very much a method of information gathering. I don’t think planning should be reactive or laid back like that. It has to be agile.

I also don’t think making year-long promises is practical. A lot, I seriously mean a lot, happens over a year than over a coffee (Pun intended, I like Starbucks). Measuring something over such a huge scale is going to be tough and if I am not pro-active about it, I am going to suck at it. I would rather do experiments weekly and adapt to small, subtle changes. The change has to be easy. It has to be agile.

Remember, Dumbledore’s will to Harry? What does the golden snitch read when Harry tries to open it? It says “I open at the end”.

When does it end? And what ends?

Is Ghalib over or is he still been pursued after so many years of his death by many who are way young than he was at the time of writing those she’ers in his deeply sorrowed life.

Kabir. Why a poet from the Bhakti movement is still relevant today?

Nothing ends if you see it from this perspective.