keep going

If you ever start wondering,
Where have this path lead you,
Of many things that you didn't like so far.
Know that no path is a great path,
And keep going.
On any journey, tires could flat,
Planes could crash.
That doesn't mean we don't take them.
They could mean many different things.
Know that there are always some risks,
And keep going.
If you can't spot the fellow wanderers,
They are very far ahead or so far behind.
And you feel alone, and it makes you want to cry.
Know that a pause is as near as you want it to be,
And keep going.
It is hard to see the end when in the middle.
Impulses work only best at the beginnings.
And the energy dips while reaching near the finish line.
Know that there are many journies out there for you,
And keep going.
And if you are done what you're supposed to do,
And crossed your lists and have pushed yourself.
You feel dead in a moment when you are alive,
Know that you can choose to take a different route,
And keep going.
Aug 1, 2020.

I wrote this small poem a few days back. I am sharing this now. I remember hearing or reading, "Actions speak louder than words" more often than not. Actions speak louder than not just words but also louder than thoughts, visions, imaginations, or even dreams in my opinion. If we don't consciously make an effort towards it, however grand the idea is, it fails to manifest. I realized that you only get clarity on a thought when you express it. In the head, it is just many different things like noodle soup. And not just that, it is important to repeat your perspective at the same time. So,
Repeat that narrative.
And thus you see the constant reminder to keep moving forward. In many different ways, the urge is to continue down the path. Consider alternatives but continue making efforts towards the goal.

I think, write and create a lot of things on a day to day basis. But I often shy away from sharing my thoughts out loud. This poem is a small step towards sharing my ideas with a broader audience. For folks to view, comment, and criticize.

Also, my language of choice for writing poems has been Hindi primarily over a long time. So, here I am trying out writing down a small piece in English. Baby Steps FTW! :D