Since Oct 2015…

When I first heard of Gojek, I didn’t know that it would impact me so hugely. What started as a consulting project six years ago became an experience of a lifetime and a process of self-discovery. So, Gojek, I am genuinely and immensely grateful to you as a company.

It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.

While working on various teams with various people, I have grown a lot in technical and non-technical aspects. However, one thing that stood out for me was people. People made this experience what it is, inspired me, and propelled me towards growth and learning.

I will cherish discussions with you folks about programming styles, and debates on whether to use vim or not hold fond memories in my heart. Product mindset, customer-focused approach, and iterative nature of building software are some of my takeaways from this incredible journey at Gojek.

Till Oct 2021…

I have identified with this place for so long that it is hard to imagine myself beyond it. And that’s the reason it was so difficult to decide to move on. So instead, I have decided to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I hope to keep seeing many of you post this journey comes to an end as well.

I will always cherish the memories I made here. Pair programming sessions, firefighting during outages, balcony discussions, interviews, thirsty Thursdays, conferences, meetups, and post office hangouts will keep bringing a smile to my face.

I wish Gojek and you all a great time ahead, full of success and joy.

Thank you so much for the adventure, opportunities, and trust you put in me.

Much needed Break

I took a month long break after I left Gojek. In this break, I attended big fat Indian weddings, travelled, read few books, and spent time with my loved ones.

Up Next: KumuPH

Today, I am joining KumuPH. Kumu is a social app for Filipino voices. They are creating a creating a vibrant online culture filled with positivity and possibilities. I really like the people here, they are very welcoming. I wish the next year brings out the best for Kumu, and for myself.


Gojek for life.

Now building one Kumuverse to rule them all.

:beers: :beers: :beers: